Types of muscles

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  • Types of muscles
    • Skeletal (voluntary)
      • Make up bulk of body muscle tissue
        • Responsible for movement e.g. biceps and triceps
      • Striated with conscious control
      • Has a regular arrangement so contraction occurs in one direction
      • Has rapid but short contractions
      • Fibres are tubular and multinucleated
    • Cardiac
      • Found in the heart and is myogenic
      • Specialised striated with involuntary control
      • Cells branch & interconnect resulting in simultaneouscontraction
      • Intermediate contraction and length of contraction
      • Fainter striations than skeletal, fibres are branched and uninhcleated
    • Smooth muscle (involuntary)
      • Found in walls of hollow organs(stomach, gall bladder) and blood vessels and digestive tract where peristalsis moves food along the gut
      • Nonstriated appearance
      • No regular arrangement as different cells contract in different directions
      • Slow contractions but can remain contracted for a while
      • No cross striations, fibres are spindle shaped and uninucleated


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