Types of muscles

There are 3 different types of muscles in the body:

  • Smooth muscle contracts without conscious control. It's found in walls of internal organs (apart from the heart) such as the stomach, intestine and blood vessels.
  • Cardiac muscle contracts without conscious control. It is only found in the heart.
  • Skeletal muscle is the type of muscle you use to move, e.g the biceps and triceps move the lower arm. 

Role of skeletal muscle:

Skeletal muscles are attached to bones by tendons. Ligaments attach bone to bone, to hold them together. Pairs of skeletal muscles contract and relax to move bones at a joint - the bones of the skeleton are incompressible so they act as levers, giving the muscle something the pull against. 

Antagonistic pairs- 

Muscles that work together to move a bone are called antagonistic pairs. The contracting muscle is called the agonist and the relazing muscle is called the antagonist.  E.g the biceps and triceps work together - as one relaxes the other contracts.

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