Long term memory

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  • Types of long term memory (Tulving)
    • procedural: know how to do things (unconscious)
    • semantic: info about the world i.e. meanings of words/generalknowledge (that & facts)
    • episodic: storing info about events (conscious - knowing that)
    • (Tulving) LTM isn't unitary
    • weaknesses
      • lack of control & variables from case studies, not gen etc
      • Cohen & Squire - 2 types? declarative (E & S) & non declarative (P)
    • strengths
      • HM & Clive Wearing impaired episodic mem due to amnesia but semantic & procedural relatively unaffected
      • brain scan studies: memory tasks whilst PET scans - E recalled from L prefrontal cortex & S from RPC. Also confirmed by later research -validity
      • allows psychologists to target certain types of mem for specific treatments i.e E improved in elderly w/ mild cognitive impairment


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