Biological explanations of SZ  

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  • Biological explanations of SZ
    • Genetics (twin studies)
      • Kallman USA highest rate 1946 174 MZ 296 DZ 69% MZ 15% DZ
        • however broad set of data misdiagnosis
      • Development of bod including brain down to genetics. Inherited down
      • Gottesman England 24 MZ 33DZ reared apart MZ 48% DZ 17%
        • small sample + ICD biased
        • genetics strong but environmental too
      • Family resemblances no way of showing genetic or environmental factors
      • Adoption studies
        • Heston 47 children adopted bio SZ + group same foster home not SZ.
          • 5 children experimental group/ none in control
      • Evaluation of genetic approach:
        • explanation allows SZ diagnosed early if run in family
        • not 100% not full cause
        • Untitled
    • Biochemical
      • Dop hypothesis
        • brain SZ patients = higher dopamine
          • messages from neurons fire too easily
        • dop neurons instrumental in reg attention, if disturbed cause prob with attention perception + thought = SZ
        • Sz's thought to have abnormaility in the number od D2 receptors reciebing beurons = more dop binding = more neurons firing
        • amphetamines = dop agonist stimulating nerve cells containing dop = synapse flooded with it = hallucinations
          • rats given antagonists (antipsy drug) or agonist ie. cocaine SZ agonist. antagonists = Parkinson's
            • extrapolation- no language key area SZ
            • Humans EQ (emotional intelligence 7- 0.5 in rats)
        • antipsy drug block dop
        • Parkinsons = low dop = dop drug= SZ
        • Evaluation
          • However dop alone does not cause SZ psy factors such as expressed emotion
            • = biological vulnerability
          • High levels dop may be consequence rather than the cause.
            • Haracz most people who showed elevated dop levels from anti psy drugs before death
          • drugs that change levels of dop in brain = reduce SZ.
            • Davis meta analysis effectiveness SZ Relapse 55% placebo compared to 19%


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