Tropical Rainforests - Mindmap

A mindmap with key points about rainforests that can be expanded on as a key part of revision for all ages.

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  • Tropical Rainforests
    • Where?
      • Between 5 degrees north and 5 degrees south (latitude) of the equator.
      • Mainly between the tropics
    • Climate
      • Equatorial Climate
        • Steady Temperature - around 26 to 33
          • Sun always high in the sky
      • Vegetation
        • Growing Conditions
          • Sunlight
            • Sun always high in the sky
            • ONLY 1% of sunlight reaches the forest floor
            • In canopy perfect for photo synthesis
        • Layers
          • Emergent
            • Trees
              • Only 1 or 2 emergent trees for every acre of forest.
              • Trees can reach 60m tall
              • Tops of these trees can be a size of a football pitch
            • Seeds are winged so they can be spread by the wind.
          • Canopy
            • Most Wildlife live
            • Trees
              • Leaves have pointed tips to allow rain to drip off
                • Leaves are large to absorb sunlight
              • Where most trees grow to for sunlight
                • In canopy perfect for photo synthesis
              • Leaves are large to absorb sunlight
              • Most trees 25-45m tall
            • Layer of leaf is 6m thick
          • Undercanopy
            • Vines and creepers hitch a lift to the sunlight
            • Plants
              • Pollination is difficult because of lack of air movement
              • Air is damp and humid with little rainfall
              • Plants rarely grow above 10m
          • Forest Floor
            • Plants
              • Almost no plants grow here
              • Plants only get 1 to 2% of sunlight
              • Plants rarely grow above 3.5m tall
            • Decomposing organic matter and leaf litter is found here
            • Mostly insects found here


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