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A crime is an act that breaks a law in that country.  There are many different types of crime such as forgery, vandalism, armed robbery, burglary, domestic violence, fraud, handling stolen goods, murder, crime offence, environmental crime, terrorism and car theft.  All types of crime affect the community, taxes could be made higher because of an offender going into prison or money to help the victim to get back on their feet.

Ways that crime can be stopped are by having more police out on the streets at night to stop drunk people from offending whilst they are in their own world.  Use more security cameras around the UK and the world, so they can catch offenders in the act.


Brazil has many physical features such as:

  • The River Amazon which is the worlds 2nd longest river, it drains over a third of Brazil, including the rainforest and it has hundreds of tributaries.
  • The Brazillian Highlands a mix of anicent hills, mountains and plateux. They rise sharply forming a steep slope called the Great Escarpment.
  • The coast has many sandy beaches
  • The sugar loaf mountain above Rio de Janeiro is made of Granite you go up it by cable car.

Brazil has a big range of climates because most of it lies in the tropics it is hotallyear with an average temperature of around 25 degrees

It also has 6 ecosystems which are called

  • The tropical rainforest
  • The Mata Atlantic
  • Th caatinga
  • The pantanal
  • The cerrado
  • The Pampas

Brazil is rich in natural resources

  • Sources of energy such as oil and gas there are many huge wells they've found
  • They are one of the worlds top producers of things such as iron, aluminum, tin, and diamonds and other precious stones
  • Timber which has been shipped from brazil for over 500 years
  • Most of its sugar cane goes to make ethanol for use as a fuel in cars 

A favela is a collection of shcks built on waste ground, without permission.  It's where the poorest people live.  The place in Brazil with the most favelas is Sao Paulo having around 612. Over 25 million people in Brazil live in poverty.



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