tri partite system

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  • tri-partite system
    • what was it?
      • was introduced in Britain after 1945 set up three types of schools; grammar, secondary modern and technical schools up until 15 years of age
        • introduced due to belief that  there  is different kinds of intelligence
      • grammar schools offered academic education leading to qualifications, secondary
        • secondary modern schools gave pupils a practical education with few qualification opportunity
      • pupils were allocated to schools via the 11+ about 20% going to grammar schools most of the rest attending secondary modern schools
    • Criticisms
      • 'intelligence is impossible to measure objectively
      • idea of 'academic', 'technical' and 'practical' intelligence is very questiionable
      • 11+ culturally biased towards white,middle class pupil
      • Grammar school pupils were more middle-class and secondary modern schools were mostly working-class
        • marxist would say influence the class diference gap
      • although they were supposed to be 'equal but different' in reality secondary modern schools were seen as second-class schools


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