Transportation of oxygen

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  • Transportation of oxygen
    • oxygen is carried in a chemical combination with the red pigmentation haemoglobin
    • haemoglobin is found in red blood cells, and each haemoglobin molecule is able to carry a max of 4 molecules of oxygen
    • the amount of oxygen combining with haemoglobin depends on the partial pressure of blood (PO2)
    • when all the haemoglobin is combined with oxygen (oxyhaemoglobin) the haemoglobin is said to be fully saturated (100%) with oxygen
      • occurring where the oxygen concentration in surrounding tissues is high
    • around 98% of the blood leaving the lungs is saturated with haemoglobin
    • at muscle tissues, the 100% saturated haemoglobin gives up its oxygen to the surrounding muscles - reducing its saturation to below 75%
    • when returning to the lungs, the haemoglobin increases in saturation again as more oxygen is picked up


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