Bohr shift

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  • Bohr shift
    • change in shape of oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve which results in the release of more oxygen in exercising muscles
    • acidity of the blood
      • in acidic conditions, oxygen splits more readily from haemoglobin
      • higher acidity in the blood results from presence of CO2 and greater amount of lactic acid
    • Temperature
      • increases in temperature cause more O2 to be released from oxyhaemoglobin at tissues
      • exercise generates heat so again more O2 will be released
    • Haemoglobin
      • red pigment that transports oxygen in the blood
      • very efficient respiratory pigment
    • Myoglobin
      • found only in muscles
      • has a higher affinity for oxygen than haemoglobin
        • therefore, picks up all the oxygen released from haemoglobin and transports it to the muscles
      • acts like a reservoir for oxygen should the muscle begin to contract


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