Medical conditions of V

The medical conditions that can be caused by not exercising the vascular system.

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Type of arterioslerosis. Fat and cholestoral collect along the walls of the arteries, plaque is caused from these substances. The causes the arteries to become less flexible and narrow. This makes it harder for the blood to flow.

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Hypertension in other words is high blood pressure. It happens when constricted arterial blood vessles increase the distance to blood flow. pressure against the blood vessel walls is increased. the heart works harder to pump blood. this could cause a stroke, heart attack or heart failure, so medical treatment is essential.

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In other words hardening the arteries! this contributes to strokes and heart attacks. The arteries thicken and the walls become less elastic. You need to be physically active to avoid risk.

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The transport of oxygen gets effected by smoking! oxygen+haemoglibin=oxyhaemoglobin!!! you inhale carbon monoxide and this means level of oxygen decreases, high levels of carbon monoxide in the blood means that oxygen doesnt get to the muscles affecting performance.

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