Transformation of surgery - James Simpson (SWHS)

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  • Transformation of surgery - James Simpson (SWHS)
    • James Simpson first discovered chloroform when experimenting with different chemicals to see that would happen. Mrs Simpson later walked in and found them unconscious after inhaling chloroform.
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      • Pros- chloroform first became popular in 1853 when Queen Victoria used it during the birth of her eighth child. Plus, chloroform didn't have the same side effects as previous anaesthetics
      • Cons-one of the only serious problems with chloroform was that it was difficult to get the dosage right like with Hannah greener. Also, many doctors were reluctant to use just because it was different.
        • Jon snow later went on to make an inhaler that regulated the dosage of chloroform.
        • The Hannah Greener case was about a girl who was given the wrong amount of chloroform for a surgery to remove her toenail.
    • One of the only real dangers dangers with Chloroform was its dosage, this put off many other doctors from using it as there were a few cases of wrong dosages leading to deaths
    • Despite the fact that many doctors didn't use chloroform until John Snow invented the inhaler which regulated the dosage, James Simpson still received a knighthood for his discovery.
      • Also, many of the deaths caused were actually from doctors trying to perform more complex surgeries at that time.
    • Compared to other anesthetics used around the that time such as Ether, Chloroform had considerably less side effects compared to other anesthetics used at the time like Ether which cause patients to cough and sleep for up to days.


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