SWHS surgery

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  • Surgery
    • Ether Gas
      • Deep sleep for days
      • Highly flammable
      • Irritated lungs
      • Made patients vomit
      • Carried In large bottles
    • Harold Gillies
      • Discovered pedical tubes that was a layer of skin that was cut from the body and stitched together to create a tube
      • Set up a plastic surgery unit in the British army
      • Plastic surgery had to be carried out in small stages
      • His work was viewed with suspicion
      • He was setback as antibiotics hadn't been invented yet and infection was still a problem
    • Blood Loss
      • Ligatures were silk thread that was used to tie blood vessels together after an amputation
      • Blood transfusion had to use two of the same blood types A,B,O and AB
      • Richard Lewisohn found that using sodium citrate stopped the blood from clotting.
      • The different blood types were discovered by Karl Landsteiner
      • Saline solution was used to disinfect cut away tissue
      • In 1917 the first blood depot was established
    • Aseptic Conditions
      • Hair Nets
      • Instruments Sterilized
      • Organised
      • No audience
      • Maximum Hygeine
      • Patient Covered
      • Gowns
      • Face Masks
    • Antiseptic Conditions
      • Crowded
      • No masks or hair nets
      • Wore Aprons
      • Easily cleaned floors and walls
      • Bowls moved dirty equipment quickly
      • Equipment Sterilized in Carbolic Acid
    • Joseph Lister
      • Used carbolic acid to sterilize equipment and bandages
      • Introduced the use of catgut
      • Surgeon at Glasgow infirmary
      • Used carbolic acid to prevent infection succesfully
      • Given the title of baronet in 1883
      • Professor of surgery at Glasgow uni.


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