Tort of Nuisance

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  • Nuisance
    • Private
      • Who can sue?
        • Must be the owner of the land (Hunter v Canary Wharf)
          • Exception= Khorosandjan v Bush; McKenna v British Aluminium
      • Who can be sued?
        • Controller of hazard (Jones v Portsmouth CC)
        • Occupier
        • Controller
        • Creator
      • Damage
        • Property damage = DL
          • St Helen's Smelting Co v Tipping
        • Discomfort =D not liable
          • St Helen's Smelting Co v Tipping
      • Interferance
        • Noise: Christie v Davy
        • Emotional distress: Thomas v Costaki
        • Flooding: Sedleigh v O'Callaghan
        • Not things of delight: Hunter v Canary Wharf
        • Smell: Wheeler v JJ Sanders
        • 'It must be practical to stop it occurring as well': Leakey v National Trust
      • Unreasonable
        • Sensitivity: If C abnormally sensitive D = NL (Robinson v Kilvert)
          • But if ordinary enjoyment affected = DL (McKinnon v Walker)
        • Locality; If character of neighbourhood has changed D = NL (Gillingham BC v Medway)
          • Depends on if more C's or D's (Sturges v Bridgman)
        • Duration: Longer the nuisance more likely to be unreasonable (Crown Water v Kimbolton)
        • Malice: (Christie v Davey; Hollywood Silver Fox v Emmett)
        • If land used unreasonably + damage RF = D liable (Cambridge Water v Leather)
      • Defences
        • Coming into the nuisance
        • Prescription (Sturges v Bridgman)
        • Statutory authority
        • Alternate dispute resolution (Marcic v Thames)
    • Public nuisance
      • Any nuisance which materially affects reasonable comfort of a class pf HM's subjects
      • AG v PYA quarries


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