Civil Law

Everything about civil law

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  • Civil Law
    • Civil Law is about private disputes.
    • Contract Law
      • A family complain that their package holiday did not match what was promised by the tour operator and that they were put into a lower grade of hotel than the one they had paid for.
      • A woman buys a new car and find the engine is faulty
    • Law of tort
      • Child pedestrian crossing a road and is injured by a car whose driver is travelling too fast (tort of negligence
      • Family complain that their health is being affected by the noise and smoke from a  factory which has just been built near their house (tort of nuisance)
      • Man complains that a newspaper has written a untrue  article about him which has damaged his reputation (the tort of defamation)
    • Family Law
      • Family Law covers disputes that may arise within families.
      • Example divorce... and who should have day to day care of the children.
    • Employment Law
      • Unfair dismissal
      • redundancy
    • Company Law
      • How a company is formed
      • formal rules for running a company
      • Rights and duties of shareholders-and-directors


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