Topic 6 Family diversity and the life course

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  • Topic 7 Family diversity and the life course
    • Modernism and the nuclear family
      • The new right
      • Chester: the neo-conventional family
      • The rapoports: five types of family diversity
        • Social class diversity
        • Cultural diversity
        • Organisational diversity
        • Life-stage diversity
        • Generational diversity
    • Postmodernity and the life course
      • Life course analysis
      • Family practises
      • Postmodernism and the family diversity
      • Giddens: choice and equality
      • Beck: 'risk society' and the negotiated family
      • Stacey: the divorce extended family
      • Weeks: the growing acceptance of diversity
      • Two views of family diversity
        • In favour of diversity
        • Against diversity
    • Summary


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