Unit 4: Topic 6: Infection, immunity and forensics

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  • Topic 6 - Infection, Immunity and Forensics
    • decay and decomposition
      • estimate time of death
        • indicators
        • calculation involved
      • microorganisms involved in decay and decomposition
    • DNA profiling
      • DNA profiling procedure
      • PCR
        • procedure and compunds used
      • Introns and STRS
      • Dna fragments separted by gel electrophoreis
      • DNa fingerprinting
    • DNA and protein synthesis
      • steps of protein synthesis
        • translation
        • transcription
      • genetic code
        • triplet, non-overlapping and degenerate
      • post-transcriptional changes
        • how does it give rise to more than one protein from more than one gene
      • role of DNA strand and RNA
    • Infection prevention and control
      • major routes of entry of pathogens
        • role of barriers in protecting the body from infection
      • how we develop immunity
        • activ/passin=ve and natural/artifical
      • evolutionary race
      • hospital acquired infections
        • code of practice and how it helps stop antibiotic resistance
      • investigating bacteria and antibiotics
      • bactericidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics
    • Infectious dieases and immune reponse
      • bacteria vs. virus
      • Tuberculois and HIV
        • symptoms
        • AIDs
      • responses to infection
        • non-specific responses to infection
          • inflammation, action of lyssozyme, interferon and phagocytosis
        • specific responses to infection
          • antigens, antibodies, plasma, lympocytes and APCs
          • roles of T(helper, killer, memory) cells
          • roles of B (memory and effector) cells


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