Hospital-acquired infection

Biology Unit 4

Hospital-acquired infection

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Biology Unit 4
Revision Notes
Topic 6: Infection, Immunity and Forensics
19. Describe how an understanding of the
contributory causes of hospital acquired infections
have led to codes of practice relating to antibiotic
prescription and hospital practice relating to infection
prevention and control.
Mutations help some bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics which result in problems with
antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in hospitals. Hospitals try to combat this in a number of ways:
Hospital code of practise How it helps to stop antibiotic resistance
Only use antibiotics when needed and ensure Reduced the selection pressure on organisms
course of treatment is completed and destroys all bacteria causing infection
Antibiotics should only be used when absolutely
Isolating patients with resistant diseases Prevents transmission of resistant bacteria
between patients
Good hygiene encourages, including hand Prevents the spread of infection and cuts down
washing and bans on wearing of jewellery, ties on the number of places that may harbour
and long sleeved shirts pathogens
Screening of patients coming into hospitals A person may be infected without showing
symptoms; this can be detected and they can be
isolated and treated
Text Book: p.110-111


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