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  • topic 1- matters of life
    • morality
      • A system of ethics about what is right or wrong
    • Ethics
      • the theory relating to morality
    • absolute morality
      • what is morally right or wrong, applies to all circumstances at all times
    • Relative morality
      • what is morally right or wrong in any situation depends upon its particular circumstances
    • sanctity of life
      • life is sacred because it is god given
    • value of life
      • the value of a person over and above physical value
    • quality of life
      • a measure of fulfilment
    • Fertility treatment
      • medical procedure to assist an infertile couple to have a child
    • IVF (invitro fertilisaton)
      • a scientific method of making a woman pregnant, which does not involve sex. conception occurs via sperm and egg being placed in a test tube.
    • Test tube baby
      • term used for  baby created outside of a womans body
    • Artificial insemination
      • sperm medically inserted into the vagina to assist pregnancy
    • surrogacy
      • woman's egg fertilised artificially by another womans partner
    • AIH
      • when a woman is made pregnant by the sperm of her husband, but not through having sexual relations with him
    • AID
      • when a woman is made pregnant by another man other than her partner, but not through having sexual relations with him
    • sexual intercourse
      • sexual activity involving more than one person, for reasons of procreation or pleasure
    • transplant surgery
      • when someone else's organs are put into a patient
    • blood transfusion
      • when a patient is given extra blood as part of an operation
    • human genetic engineering
      • the modification of gene make up to change the features of a human
    • embryology
      • the study of human embryos
    • embryo
      • fertilized ovum at about 12-14 days when implanted into the walls of the womb
    • designer babies
      • babies with gender and characteristics that have been chosen by their parents (currently illegal)
    • stem cell
      • a cell mot often taken from a 4-5 day embryo, whose role in the body is yet to be determined
    • savior siblings
      • a sibling genetically compatible with a sick child is implanted and born to use stem cells to treat the sick child
    • cloning
      • the scientific method by which animals or plants can be created which have exactly the same genetic make-up as the original, because the DNA of the original is used.
    • human- animal hybrid embryology
      • an embryo made from human DNA and animal eggs for purposes of experimentation
    • human experimentation
      • testing products, usually medicines on paid human volunteers
    • Quickening
      • the first detectable movements of a fetus
    • Viable
      • the point at which a fetus could survive if it were to be born
    • Ensoulment
      • the belief that at one moment the fetus receives a soul
    • conception
      • the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg


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