GCSE Religious Studies Exam Techniques

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Question A- What is...?

Question A:

. 2 Marks

.  Learn all key terms accurately

. Give definitions of key terms

. Use key terms throughout your B,C and D questions 

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Question B- Do you think...?

Question B:

  •  4 Marks
  • Give 2 developed reasons
  • Can you give any evidence or examples to support your opinion? i.e. quotes
  • You CAN partly agree and disagree
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Question C- Explain why/how...?

Question C:

  • 8 Marks
  • Give 4 developed reasons
  • Learn Christian and Muslim teachings.
  • Use 'Some...' or 'Most...' believe
  • Give reasons and examples of teachings e.g. 'Because...' or 'This means that...'
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Question D- Do you agree...?

Question D:

  • 6 Marks
  • You will be given a statement
  • Refer to a religion somewhere in your answer... What would a Christian/Muslim think?
  • Give 3 brief reasons for YOUR opinion or...1 or 2 more developed reasons.
  • Then do the same for the opposite view to your own
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