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  • Tolerance
    • Components of tolerance
      • Objection
      • Acceptance
        • Objection
        • Rejection
      • Rejection
      • Not tolerance
        • Indulgence
        • Weakness of the will
        • Indifference
    • Paradoxes of tolerance
      • The tolerant racist (problem with objection component)
      • The paradox of moral tolerance (relates to acceptance component)
        • It is morally right to tolerate the morally wrong?
      • The paradox of drawing the limit (relates to rejection component)
        • Reciprocity - if you are intolerant then I don't need to tolerate you, which makes me intolerant
        • A tolerant society must sometimes be intolerant if they want to practice tolerance
    • Political tolerance
      • Liberalism
      • Conservatism


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