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 The arguments against the desirability of tolerance may include:

 Paradox of moral tolerance

o   religious fundamentalists will be convinced of the ‘good life’ involves (the will of God)

o    Toleration of other ways of life will have a corrupting effect.

=  Experiments in living do not necessarily lead to a happier or ‘better’ life.  

o   Necessity of social cohesion and need for moral standards 

=  The value placed by liberals on autonomy assumes that we are rational beings who will discover the best way of living.  

o   This is not necessarily true – strong moral guidance and social rules may be preferable (problem of anomie) 

=  Mill assumes that people will make evidence based rational decisions 

o    But for some people exposure to racist views = they form false beliefs.  

o   We may lose ‘truth’ if tolerance prevails in a society of susceptible members.  

=  There may be minority groups who do not respect autonomy. 

o    If these minorities are permitted to become the majority, then


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