To what extent does Parliament control the Executive?

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  • To what extent does Parliament control the Executive?
    • Does not control
      • Majority- if a party dominates the House, then they can easily pass legislation- Labour 1997 Election victory
      • Executive  are effectively the only ones who introduce bills- few Private Members' Bill s make it through
      • Whip system- whips can control the party backbenchers and ensure that legislation is passed
    • Controls the executive
      • Block legislation- Lords and the  Opposition can block legislation they oppose- ID Cards, Lords blocked
      • Vote of no confidence by Parliament can remove the government- James Callaghan in 1979 (The Winter of Discontent)
      • Scrutiny- the function of Parliament- criticises government
        • Debates, Prime Minister's Questions and select committees
    • Conclusion
      • Large extent Parliament controls the executive, but   there are some factors which affect their control


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