3.1.4: The Argument from Causation&belief in God:

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Main points:

Causation is the process of one thing causing another. For example, a driver pressing the brake pedal causes the efeft of the car slowing down.

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The argument from Causation:

- cause&effect seem to be a basc feature of the world. 

- whatever we do has an effect. if i do my homework(cause) i will please my parents/teachers(effect).

- modern science has developed through looing at causes&effects&scientific investigations seem to show that any effect has a casue&any cause has an effect.

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This means that the universe, the world&humans must have had a cause.

- God is the only logical cause of the universe.

- Therefore, God must exist.

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evaluation questions:

- if everything needs a cause then God must need a cause. why should the process stop with God?

- it is possible matter itself is eternal&so never was created. this means the process could go back for ever.

- just because everything in the universe needs an explanation does not mean the universe needs an explanation. the universe could just have been there forever.

- even if there was a first cause it would not have to be the God of any particular religion. it could be good, evil a mixture of good&evil, several goods.


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