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  • Thrombosis (The blood clotting process)
    • Step 1 -  Platelet touches damaged vessel wall - change from flattened discs to spheres
      • Step 2 - Platelets stick to the exposed collagen and other platelets forming a temporary platelet plug
        • Step 3 - Platelets release substances to attract other platelets
          • Step 4 - Thromboplastin is released from platelets and damaged tissue
            • Step 5 - Calcium and Vitamin K in the plasma act with thromboplastin to catalyse the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin
              • Step 6 - Thrombin catalyses the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
                • Step 7 - Fibrin strands form a net to trap the red blood cells and form a clot


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