Threats to data security

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  • Threats to data security
    • What is a computer Virus?
      • A programme that replicates and spreads
      • Infecting files that are accessible by another computer
      • Attempting to make a system unreliable
    • Trojan
      • They either: copy themselves, Steal information, harm hosts computer.
      • Appears to be wanted by the user
      • Gives full control of your PC to another PC
    • Worm
      • Programme that replicates to spread to other computers.
      • Cause harm by consuming bandwith
    • Physical Threat
      • Loss of threat of memory sticks or portable PC devices
    • Phising
      • Pretending to be a reliable source eg. bank
      • Usually email, instant message, fake website
    • Spyware
      • Change computer settings, Slow down internet speeds.
      • Hidden from user- difficult to detect.
      • Install software or redirect web browser to other website
    • D.O.S
      • Stop  users using the website.
    • What can Online Criminals do?
      • Hack into network
      • Use email to chat and bully
      • Create fake websites
      • Infect computer system with spyware
      • Used spam to scam
    • Data Encryption
      • Changing phrase into symbols
    • What is a Firewall?
      • It controls what can and cant pass through software or hardware/
    • Anti virus and Anti Spam software
      • Detect a virus and stops it before it does harm to the computer.
    • Automatic updates
      • Constantly changed and updated to keep PC safe
        • When PC connected to internet it is checking for updates
      • Good as the user doesn't have to remember
    • Manual Updates
      • Owner has to search for updates
      • Means computer could be left with no updates


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