Security Issues

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  • Security Issues
    • Bluejacking
      • Process of sending unwanted messages to open Bluetooth connections
      • Keep Bluetooth switched off when not in use
    • Physical Threats
      • Theft, flooding, fire and accidental damage
      • Keep computers in locked rooms and back up data
    • Hackers
      • Try to get access to data without permission
      • Use firewalls, passwords and encrypt the information travelling across networks
    • Phishing
      • Cons people into believing that an email or text is from a valid organisation so that they give away their username and passwords leading to identity theft
      • You need to be able to identify phishing
    • Unsecured Wireless Networks
      • Let other users easily see and use your wireless network
      • Secure wireless networks using a password and encrypt data travelling over the network
    • Viruses
      • Designed to be harmful to digital devices and to spread easily over networks
      • Keep Bluetooth switched off when not in use
    • Important Things to do
      • Install latest updates for both browser and operating systems
      • Use encryption for both transmission and storage of data
      • Backups are increasingly important as threats to digital devices increase and as more people live more of their life online
        • Development of cloud computing allows users to back up their data remotely


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