Threats and Challenges to the Elizabeth's Religious 'Settlement'

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  • Threats and Challenges to the Religious Settlement
    • The Puritan Challenge
      • Crucifix Controversy
        • Elizabeth liked crucifixes and so the Religious Settlement stated that each church should display one.
        • Puritans don't agree with crucifixes and threaten to resign. Knowing there was no Protestants to fill their places Elizabeth I Allows them to remove the crucifixes.
      • Vestment Controversy
        • Catholics thought priests were special and should wear special vestments but Protestants did not.
        • The Royal Injunctions stated that the clergy should wear special vestments.
        • Not all clergy obeyed the Act of Uniformity and not all services were being conducted correctly.
        • The Archbishop of Canterbury held an exhibition which showed the correct behavior for the clergy.
        • A few refused to attend and lost their jobs. Overall, the majority obeyed.
    • Catholic Challenge
      • The Papacy
        • The Catholic Church was trying to stop the spread of Protestantism in Europe and were supporting communities.
        • In England, the Catholics had little help from the pope. So they were overall outwardly conformed and were loyal.
      • Nobility
        • The nobility of Elizabeth's parliament were Catholic. Elizabeth had other favorites and the Catholics had their influence lessened.
        • In November 1569, some Northern Earls led a rebellion. They were joined by other Catholics with the support they controlled most of the North.
        • However, most the nobles were loyal and the rebels retreated. Hundreds were executed and this made a change in the relationship between Elizabeth and the Catholics.
    • Foreign Powers
      • Protestant were in Scotland, Spain, France and the Holy Roman Empire. The Habsburg family controlled most of Europe.
      • France
        • France had a religious war in 1562.  England helped French protestant  hoping to get back Calais. Calais was not got back, and she only succeeded in annoying the King of Spain by helping the Protestants.
      • Spain
        • King of Spain was a Roman Catholic. There was a trade embargo between Spain nd England for a year as the king thought that the merchants were spreading Protestantism
      • Dutch Revolt
        • Spain's large army  with it's mission to stop Protestants was very close to England.
        • Elizabeth wanted to avoid war and did not want to be Europe's leading Protestant monarch.
        • Spain and France could wage war against England which they could not afford.


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