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Religious Settlement- 1559- Change

Elizabeth set about a compromise to bring aspects of both faiths togetherr in a 'religious settlement'. She allowed priests to marry, services were held in English and she brought back the Book of Common Prayer. She importanly allowed Catholics to worship in thier own way in private. Church services were also designed to allow people of ethier faith to understand and participate in thier own way.

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The College at Douai-1568- Threat

This Seminary--religious college-- was set up by English Catholic William Allen in the Netherlands to train Priests. Allen had the full backing of the Pope and aimed to educate priests who then travel to England to convert the English back to the Catholic faith.

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The Northern Rebellion- 1569- Threat

Elizabeth refused to let the Duke of Norfolk marry the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots. This act inspired 2 Nothern nobles to rebel against the Queen. Westmoreland and Northumberland marched South with 4,600 men but were defeated by Protestant supportes of Elizabeth.

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Catholic Powers in Europe-1570 onward- Threat

Althought Protestants were now widespread in Europe, the 2 most powerful contries remained firmly Catholic. The Kings of Spain and France began to support challenges to Elizabeth's rule. They both supported Jesuit missionaries.

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The Papal Bull- 1570- Threat

In this special message, the Pope excommuncated Elizabeth from the Catholic Church and called on all English Catholics to end her rule. They were now faced with a dilemma: should they suppirt thier Queen or the Pope?

This was the turning point, Elizabeht had, had enough.

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The Ridolfi Plot- 1571- Threat

This plot was led by an Italian banker named Ridolfi and the Duke of Norfolk. The plan was that an invasion from the Netherlands would coincide with another Nothern Rebellion led by Norfolk. Elizabeth wold then be replaced with Mary Queen of Scots. The plot was exposed before before it could be completed.

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The Jesuits-1580 onward- Threat

The socity of Jesus was created in Europe to bring back people to the Caholic faith. The Jesuits, as they were known, arrived in Engalnd in 1580 led by Edmund Campion to convert Protestants. Elizabeth sat them as threat to her rule.

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Act of 1581- Change

This law made it trason to attend a Catholic mass-- service. Greater fines were introduced for those who failed to attend Protestant services.

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The Throckmorton Plot-1583- Threat

Led by Sir Francis Throckmorton, the plan was to assassinate Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots. Once Elizabeth had been killed there would be an invasion for Catholic France. The plot also involved the Spaish Ambassador. When the plot was discoverd, Throckmorton was executed.

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Jesuit Act of 1585- Change

This law called for all Jesuits to be drived out of England. Those who sheltered could be executed. Campion became a wanted man. He was captured, tortured in the Tower of London, and eventually hung drawn and quarted.

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Act of 1585- Change

This law made it treason to have a Catholic priest in your house. Catholic priests were also executed and noble Catholic families faced loss of thier lands and wealth if they did not swear loyatly to the Queen.

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The Babington Plot-1586- Threat

This was an attempt to murder Elizabeth and replace her with the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots. Led by Anthony Babington, it was the discovery of this plot that led to Mary's trail and execution when it was found out she knew all about it.

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Act of 1593- Change

This law said that Catholics were not allowed to travel more than 5 miles from thier homes.

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