The Spanish Armada- preparations - Elizabeth unit (2)

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  • The Spanish  Armada- pereperation
    • basic
      • the fleet of Spanish ships were sent to attack England and sailed in a crescent formation towards the English coast in 1588
        • By 1588 Elizabeth had known about Phillips plan for nearly 2 years
    • soldiers
      • No English full time army
        • Elizabeth ordered every shire to provide soldiers but there training was poor and they had no wepons
      • the soldiers were placed along the coasts as Elizabeth  didn't know where they would land
        • 3 main armies in London, the north and Essex
    • the Navey
      • only 34 battleships in the English  navey
        • privet  individuals  such s Drake provided a further 20
      • Howard Drake was appointed to command the fleet
      • trading companies were ordered to make their trade ships and ports available
    • other preperations
      • warning beacons were set up on highland  around the  coasts
        • when the Armada was sighted the beacons would be lit to spread the word around the country
        • Churches also used their bells as a warning
      • JPs were on look out for any Catholic rebels
        • they were ordered to give harsher punishments as a warning and lock protesters up to prevent people supporting Spain
  • giving Elizabeth  an extra year to prepair
    • he sunk 30 battleship plus many supplies


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