The Spanish Armada- reasons and consequences

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  • The Spanish Armada- reasons & consequences
    • Reasons England won:
      • Englands good points
        • Fireboats
        • size of ships
          • smaller so easy to manover and faster
        • Elizabeth  actions
          • Drakes attack
          • extra attention to Catholic rebels
            • Harsher punishments
      • Spanish bad points
        • retreating to the north
          • limited knowledge of the area
        • poor choice of Commander
          • never sailed before - seasick
        • illness on the ships
          • food storage rotted as barrels were wooden
          • not prepared for this
            • cannonballs took to long to load to compete with the fireboats
        • relied on other people
          • catholic rebel in England  didn't happen
          • Netherlands  soldiers never came
      • Luck/chance
        • storms in the north
    • consequences
      • On the Pope
        • Showed Catholics would prefer a Protestant rule than a foreign one
          • the Pope had agreed to aid the attack
            • Had showed support and offered to help them
              • would be a while before another attack
                • England more powerful
                  • bad for the Pope
                    • strong, wealthy Protestant country
      • On Elizabeth
        • Gained the respect and trust of her eople
          • demonstrated leadership, devoting and belief towards her people
            • was a methodical, intelegent and strong leader
              • positive affect on her
          • brought the country together - united them
      • On England
        • position of world power
          • allowed  England to  rise in standing among the European  countries in both political and military terms
      • On Spain
        • lost money due to supplies and boats
          • Weakened spain
            • signaled the decline of the military power of the Spanish empire
    • relationships& threats before & after
      • Scotland
        • before
          • Roman catholic, friendly with france. MAry QOS married a French prince
        • After
          • Protestand country, friendly with England as James was raised as a Protestant
      • Ireland
        • Before
          • Elizabeth claimed to rule Ireland but in reality only ruled a small part
            • Most Roman  Catholic but hostile towards  the English
        • After
          • Rebels in the small areas owned by England but were defeated & England regained control but caused anger between Ireland & England
      • France
        • Before
          • France and England were enemy  countries
        • After
          • France was now able to colonise without the Threat of Spain


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