AQA A2 Sociology- Theory- New Right

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  • Theory- New Right
    • Murray
      • The underclass are partly responsible for the rise in crime. They don't share mainstream norms and values and their delinquency how they reject society's norms and values.
      • The over-generous welfare state =increased the number of welfare dependant families- they believe its their right to get benefits.
    • Denis
      • Link between decline in family and growth in crime. The lack of male role models is to blame.
      • This has weakened external social controls which prevented boys from committing crimes in the past.
    • NR and the Family
      • Believe the only way to raise a family is in a nuclar family.
      • Government Policies have weakened the bonds in society- Divorce and Homosexuality laws.
      • Functionalists agree that the nuclear family is ideal for primary socialisation.
    • NR and Education
      • Ed should be treated as a market- increase competition and choice.
      • They want competition, less LEA control, greater choice and more vocational ed.
      • Ed reform Act 1988- national curriculum, National test, OFSTED and open enrolment.
      • Believe schools should socialise children and serve the needs of the economy.
    • Conclusion: They want less state intervention  to avoid dependency. And they want greater individual choice over pensions, ed and health care etc. They see the need for traditional values and the importance of stability and social bonds.


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