AQA A2 Sociology- New Right and Crime

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  • New Right and Crime
    • Crime is a product of 3 reasons:
      • Biological
        • Wilson: personality make people more likely to commit crime (Low IQ, aggression etc)
        • Murray: The main cause is IQ which he says is biologically determined.
        • Evaluation: evidence that intelligence is biologically determined is limited- Lily- differences in intelligence accounted for 3% of the differences in offending.
      • Underclass
        • Murray: Generous welfare = dependency culture and a lack of male role models = delinquency.
        • Crime rates increase because of the increase in the underclass and their deviant behaviour and parents inability to socialise their children
        • Evaluation: Tham- studied UK and Sweden, found UK had lower benefit and higher crime rates than Sweden = crime is caused by high rate of inequality.
      • Rational Choice Theory
        • Clarke: Individuals are rational and they weigh up the costs and benefits of the crime before committing it.
        • Right realists: today the costs of crimes is low and they are less likely to be caught = more crime
        • Evaluation: How can criminals choice to commit crimes but also have their behaviour predetermined by biology.
    • Solutions
      • Wilson: Broken Windows: must maintain neighborhoods to prevent crime.
      • Zero Tolerance: crack down on minor crimes
      • Reduce benefits of crime and increase costs.
    • Evaluation
      • Ignores structural causes (poverty)
      • They overstate rationality which doesn't explain violent crime.
      • Ignore White collar crime which can be more harmful to the public.
      • Zero tolerence gives police free rein to discriminate
      • Marxists: they don't see capitalism as a cause of crime.


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