Theoretical (or cool) Virtue Ethics

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  • Theoretical (or cool) Virtue Ethics
    • VE reject the idea...
      • Any prior moral laws
        • Their view very different from that of Aristotle
      • The notion of an 'is' becoming an 'ought'
        • As in the naturalistic fallacy
    • What you do morally is based on way moral actions affect you
    • Division between VE
      • 1. Moral actions way to make you virtuous
      • 2. Action  no specific importance
        • What counts: moral agent's nature - their virtuous state
        • Rosalind Hursthouse - leading exponent
      • Analogy: 1st group see fruit produced by the fig tree - way they can tell nature of tree
        • 2nd group look at tree & say its healthy so its bound to produce good fruit
          • Won't bother analysing the fruit - it's nature of the three counts


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