The Woman in Black- Chapter Summaries

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  • The Woman in Black: Chapter Summaries
    • Chapter one: Christmas Eve
      • Kipps is a old man in his fifties. After refusing to tell his step sons a ghost story he feels compled to write his own.
    • Chapter two: A London Paticular
      • Kipps is twenty-one. He is sent Crythin Gifford by his employer, Mr Bently. He is sent there to attend the funeral of Mrs Drablow and sort out her estate.
    • Chapter three: The Journey North
      • He travels by train from London to Kings Cross via Crewe and Homerby. This is where he first meets Samuel Daily.
    • Chapter four: The Funeral of Mrs Darblow
      • Kipps encounters the Woman in Black for the first time at Slice Drablows funeral. He mistakes her for a fellow mourner until speaking to Mr Jerome.
    • Chapter five: Across the causeway
      • Kipps visits Eel Marsh house for the first time. He is taken there by Keckwick who is quiet and withdrawn
    • Chapter Six: The Sound of a Pony and Trap
      • Kipps  hears the sound of a pony and trap sinking in the mashes. He also heres the screams of a dying child.
    • Chapter seven: Mr Jerome is afraid
      • Kipps visits Mr Jerome to see if he can get any help in sorting through Alice Drablow's papers. After Mr Jerome's reaction he realises something is wrong.
    • Chapter eight: Spider
      • Kipps goes to see Samuel Daily for dinner. Samuel gives him the dog, Spider.
    • Chapter nine: In the nursery
      • Kipps returns to Eel marsh house with Spider. The description of the nursery is also in this chapter.
    • Chapter ten: Whistle and I'll Come to you.
      • Kipps feels the ghostly presence. He nearly drowns in his successful attempt to save him.
    • Chapter eleven: A Packet of Letters.
      • He is rescued by samuel Daily and returns to Crythin Gifford with some papers. All details are revealed and Kipps collapese and is ill for approximately 12 days. He retuens to London and marries Stella.
    • Chapter twelve: The Woman in Black
      • Tragedy strikes when Stella and Kipps' child dies. Kipps is them a widower for a further thriteen years until he marries Esme. The family gathers at Monks Piece fourteen years later for christmas.
      • The story has now come full circle.







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