The Snow Child

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  • The Snow Child
    • "Glittering pelts of black foxes"
      • symbolic of slyness
    • "Shining boots with scarlet heels, and spurs"
      • Controlling woman - but only in control when sexualised by her clothing
    • "Fresh snow fell on snow already fallen"
      • snow reveals and hides evil. Colour represents purity
    • "I wish I had a girl as red as blood"
      • Links to gothic genre
      • Harsh image that foreshadows what is to come
    • "Midwinter - Invincible - Immaculate."
      • Pathetic fallacy
      • immaculate reflects snow and untouched virgin
    • "White skin, red mouth, black hair"
      • Imagery creates a paradox between purity of white, seductiveness of red and the evil of black
    • "He thrust his virile member into the dead girl"
      • Necrophilia
    • "Bloodstain like the trace of a foxes kill on the snow"
      • Portrays Count as a predator
    • "She was the child of his desire and the countess hated her".
      • Femme Fatale struggling for power
    • "Picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; bleeds; screams; falls."
      • loss of innocence (virginity).  Mocks love  as the rose, brings about the girls downfall.


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