The Bloody Chamber quotations - The Snow Child

Mindmap that will help you in the closed book Gothic Elements exam. My teacher has advised me not to use The Snow Child as it is such a short (short!) story, but here's some memorable quotations anyway.

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Thrust his virile
Fresh snow fell member into the
on snow dead girl
already fallen
I wish I had a girl as
Bloodstain red as blood
like the trace
The whole world was white Setting of a fox's kill
Glittering pelts of
black foxes
The Snow Child High black shining
boots with scarlet
As black as that heels and spurs
Stood stark Countess
naked bird's feather
The countess hated her
The Child
The girl was furred and booted White skin, And now the countess
red mouth, was bare as a bone
black hair
She was the child of his desire
Pricks her finger; bleeds, screams, falls


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