The Snow Child

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  • The Snow Child
    • "Mid Winter-Invincible-Immaculate"
      • "Immaculate" reflects snow and untouched virginity
        • Pathetic fallacy
    • "White skin, red mouth, black hair"
      • Imagery creates a juxtaposition between the purity of white, sexuality of red and evil/darkness of black
        • Shows innocence, violence + menstruation, danger + darkness
    • Themes
      • Bloody chambers
        • The hole in the snow and the girls vagina
      • Pornographic Image
        • "she was the child of his desire"
      • Roses
        • Man's ojectification of women is what causes her suffering
          • "it bites"
      • Mirrors
        • The girl herself is the magical mirror that shows the Countess her fate as a women with no personal power
      • Objectification of women
        • "she was the child of his desire"
        • when she dies she disappears into a collection of objects.
        • when she dies the count rapes her corpse
          • "thrust his virile member into the dead girl"
            • Necrophillia
      • Sex + Violence
        • "bleeds; screams; falls"
          • Loss of virginity
    • "fresh snow fell on snow already fallen"
      • colour represents purity. reveals and hides evil


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