The situation abroad in 1558

The situation abroad in 1558 - Spain, France, Scotland, The Netherlands and The Pope

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  • The situation abroad in 1558
    • Spain
      • Catholic
      • Philip II of Spain needed to maintain an alliance with England for access to the English channel to have communication with the Netherlands.
      • Philip II was prepared to support a Protestant England against Scotland and France
    • France
      • England didn't regain Calais from the French in the treaty of 1559
      • 3 months later Frances II and Mary Stuart were King and Queen of France
    • Scotland
      • Ruled by Mary Stuart's mother in her own absence.
      • Many Scottish nobles were Protestant and so distrustful of Mary of Guise.
    • The Netherlands
      • Under the control of Philip II of Spain.
      • Vital for English textile trade.
    • The Pope
      • Could excommunicate Elizabeth, releasing her Catholic subjects from obeying her.
      • Could call on Catholic powers in Europe to attack her.


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