The role of the first world war in surgery

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  • The Role of the First World War
    • Plastic Surgery
      • WW1 - terrible injuries due to shells + burns
      • Led to improvements in techniques - skin grafts
      • 11,000 plastic surgery operations
    • Equipment
      • Before WW1 - X-rays used in hospitals
      • WW1 X-rays widely used
      • Portable machines + installed in all hospitals
        • Used to detect bullets + shrapnel deep within the body
    • Blood loss
      • Led to Blood Transfusions
      • Led to Blood Banks
    • Antiseptics
      • Improved lots of casualties
      • By trial & error surgeons developed new techniques
        • Cut away infected tissue + soaked in saline solution
    • Did surgeons skills really improve?
      • High number of casualties
      • Lack of facilities at medical hospitals near the front line
      • Surgery was quick + basic


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