The participant as an individual

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  • The participant as an individual
    • Age
      • flexibility
        • decreases with age
      • Strength
        • decreases with age but young people can't achieve maximum strength until they are 20
      • Oxygen capacity
        • reduceswith age
          • heart becomes less efficient
          • arteries lose elasticity
          • increased blood pressure
          • reduced blood flow
      • recovery
        • Tkes longer to raocver when you get older
          • more chance of injuries , increased gradual wear and tear on the body
    • Disabilities in sport
      • Adaptstions
      • Access
        • Disabled people need to get into the leisure facility
          • ramps
          • bigger changing rooms
          • access in pool by hoist
      • Parking
      • Provision
        • Specialist coaching and training for teacher sin needed
        • specialist clubs or sessions at aclub or leiusire centre where abled bodied and disabled play sport
    • Gender
      • physique
        • males are naturally larger and have more muscles because they have more testosterone
        • females have wider hips and narrower shoulders
      • cardio vascular endurance
        • men naturally have more stamina than women
        • females have smaller heart and lungs, this means they take in less oxygen which means reduced performance in endurance
      • Bone structure
        • fwmales are prone to osteoporosis as they get older due to a decreas ein bone density
      • Flexibility
        • females have increased flexibility
      • fat
        • females have uncreased amounts of body fat
    • Physique
      • Ectomorph
        • narrow shoulders and hips
        • thin legs and arms
        • low muscle bulk
        • low fat
        • tall and thin
      • Endomorph
        • pear shaped body
        • wide hips
        • wide shoulders
        • high percentage of body fat
        • short legs
      • Mesomorph
        • wedged shaped body
        • broad shoulders
        • narrow hips
        • muscled arms and legs
        • large amount of muscle bulk
        • loe percentage of body fst
  • large amount of muscle bulk




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