The Muscular System

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  • The Muscular System
    • Muscle Types
      • Voluntary muscles make the body move. They are attached to the skeleton and can be controlled.
      • The body's involuntary muscles work our internal organs. They are outside our control
    • Movement
      • If a muscle contracts to create movement, it is called an isotonic contraction.
      • When a muscle contracts with no resulting movement, it is an isometric contraction.
    • Muscle Tone and Posture
      • Regular training tones muscles and helps to create good posture.
      • muscles will hypertrophy (increase in size) and develop better endurance.
    • Muscular Pairs
      • Antagonistic pairs of muscles create movement when one (the prime mover) contracts and the other (the antagonist) relaxes.
      • An example would be the biceps and triceps




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