The Multidisciplinary Nature of Organizational Behaviour

A mind map of page 18 and 19 from 'Work and Organizational Behaviour'by John Bratton. It is a bit vague, but fele free to use it :)

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  • The Multidisciplinary Nature of Organizational Behaviour
    • Psychology
      • The Systematic study of human behaviours and mental processes
      • Psychology is mostly based on the question 'why did this individual behave this way?'
      • Organizational Psychology studies behaviour in a work situation, with emphasis on social interaction
    • Sociology
      • study of the pattern of social relationships between human beings, with a particular focus on industrial societies
      • They have studied the relationship between organizational structures and cultures, as well as the impacts of global structures in organizational structures and processes
    • Anthropology
      • Scientic study of humanity. Cultural Anthropology studies contemporary and historically recent human societies and cultures
      • Ethnocentrism is when individuals value their culture as superior over all other groups
      • Cultural Relativism refers to cultures being seen as the same worth, and should not be judged. Practises in these cultures can be understood in their own terms
      • When workers migrate to a job, they might get CULTURE SHOCK and feel lonely, disorientated.
    • Political Science
      • Study of Individual and group behaviour within a political system
      • Politics is not just linked to decision making, it is also to do with competing demands and social conflict
      • Politics is partly a struggle between power and conflict management.
      • Politics is about the division of power and how they manipulate it for self interest


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