Major Thoretical Perspectives on Organizational Behaviour: Part 2

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  • Major Theoretical Perspectives on Organizational Behaviour
    • Sybolic-Interactionist Perspective
      • Managers and employers interacting in work teams
      • Managerial theorists study macro levels of behaviour, but Symbolic perspectives look at everyday forms of interaction to understand society
      • Georg Simmel (858 - 1918) was interested in how individuals interact with each other.
      • Charles Cooley, an American sociologist introduced the 'looking-glass self' motion from Simmel
        • Looking at reactions to people around us
        • The way we act depends on how people see us or react to us
      • George Herbert Mead argued that social reactions revolve around individuals reaching the same understanding through gestures or attitudes
      • Workplace activities are widely understood by the employees so motivation and commitment can be encouraged. Employees know what they are doing and they can complete them successfully.
    • Feminist Perspective
      • Feminist: The belief that men and women are both equal
      • Feminists argue most research is done on men by men
      • Research by these people are based on....
        • Gender differences and how they relate to leadership styles
        • Interpersonal Skills
        • Discrimination
        • Inequality of opportunities in the workplace
      • Studies show that senior women managers manage in the same way as male managers


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