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  • The Marketing Mix "Promotion"
    • Defenition: the publicising of a product or service to increase sales and brand awareness
      • Three basic objectives of promotion: 1) present info 2) increase demand 3) differentiate product
        • Above the line promotion: TV, Radio, Billboards, Magazines, busses, product placement
        • Below the line: Sales promotions, Direct selling, PR events,merchandising
    • TV? Press? Magazine? Newspaper? Online?
    • Timing, when is the best time to promote?
    • How to reach target audience?
    • What are competitors doing?
    • Public Relations
      • Used to enhance reputation
        • objectives of promotion
          • Adopt a public image
          • Encourage to buy existing product
          • Introduce a new product
          • Encourage retailers to buy
          • Increase sales
            • Demonstrate product
      • PR gives public better understandin of business
    • E-marketing
      • New, trendy
      • Cheap method of promotion
      • Good when wanting to target younger audience
    • Sales promotions" i.e.: 2 for one. buy one get one free


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