Promotion: Marketing Mix

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  • Promotion
    • Communication between the buyer and the sender in order to make and retain existing customers and gain new ones.
    • Objectives
      • Increase sales
      • Encourage Loyalty
      • Encourage trial
      • Create awareness
      • Inform,Remind, Reassure
      • Modify attitude
      • Encourage customer contact
      • Create an image
      • Position a product
      • Encourage brand switching
      • Improve position in the market
      • Pull/Push the products through channels
    • Importance on promotion depends on:
      • Competitiveness of the market
      • Availability of products
      • Product differentiation
      • Stage in the product life cycle
    • Types of Promotion
      • ABOVE THE LINE: businesses use media to advertise message, has no direct contact with the target audience and communication is only one way
      • BELOW THE LINE: has some degree of control over the medium it uses, doesnt use external media, can direct promotion message at specific audience, all other forms of promotion other than advertising, communication can be 2 way and usually short term; promotions, offers, packaging etc



A useful mind map covering promotion. It could be used as a template for mind maps on other topics or as last minute revision.



anis nazlan



great roundup here! reminds me of a clever soundcloud followers bot that helps out with music promotion increase of fan base and it's pretty clever. 

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