The Lushan Conference -July 1959

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  • The Lushan Conference - July 1959
    • 1. Peng Dehuai was appalled by the hunger he saw in the town of his birthplace (Hunan)
      • Only CCP officials could travel
    • 2. Peng tried to have a private meeting with Mao (13th July) but Mao was asleep
      • Respectful, not an attempt to overthrow Mao
    • 3. Peng wrote a 'letter of opinion' to Mao instead
      • Was then circulated around the party
      • Mao was outraged at the criticism towards the Great Leap Forward, despite there being some praise
    • 4. Mao saw this as a challenge to his authority
      • The Great Leap Forward was Mao's idea = criticise it = criticise Mao
    • 5. Khrushchev's speech (18th July)
      • Looked as though Peng had briefed Krushchev during his travels in June as K developed many of Peng's critical views
      • Mao outraged at Peng criticising his ways to the USSR
        • Offended Mao's nationalist side - made China and him look weak
    • 6. Mao accused Peng of being a 'right opportunist'
      • And of forming an anti-rightist group
      • Treachery towards Mao/CCP/government
    • 7. Politburo meeting (30th July)
      • Peng was sacked as minister of Defence and replaced by Lin Biao
        • Only Zhu De supported Peng


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