The Liberal Reforms

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  • The Liberal Reforms 1906-1912
    • Asquith and Lloyd George
      • Peoples Budget 1909
        • Constitutional crisis
    • Reforms which Benefited Children
      • Education Act 1906
        • Free School Meals
        • They were optional
      • Children's Charter 1908
        • Gave children rights. Parents could be prosecuted for abuse
        • Special prisons for children called Borstals
        • Age limit on buying alcohol and cigarrettes
      • Education Act 1907
        • Health Inspections
        • Once you got the diagnosis, medicine was not free, so they were quite useless
    • Reforms which Benefited Workers
      • Trade Boards Act 1909
        • Set up Trade Unions to regulate pay and hours
        • Criticised for taking away the rights of the employer
      • Labour Exchange Act 1909
        • Job Centres to help find work and claim benefits
      • National Insurance Act 1911
        • Insurance against being unemployed
        • It was a very low amount
        • Only covered the worker, not his family
    • Reforms which Benefited the Sick
      • National Insurance Act 1911
        • Provided money for maternity leave
        • Provided insurance against sickness
    • Reforms which Benefited the Elderly
      • Old Age Pensions 1908
        • Only paid to those classed as deserving (not lazy)
        • Kept deliberately low as to not replace savings


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