The lady of the house of love

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  • The Lady of the House of Love
    • 'her ancestral crimes'
      • 'antique bridal gown'
        • 'the end of exile is the end of being'
      • 'vile and murderous room'
    • 'both death and the maiden'
      • 'in the subtle and haunting light of the setting sun'
    • 'her voice is filled with distant sonorities'
      • 'all the silver tears fall from the wall with a flimsy tinkle'
    • 'she is herself a cave full of echoes'
    • 'her beauty is her abnormality'
      • 'a single kiss woke up the Sleeping Beauty in the wood'
      • 'a great, intoxicated surge of heavy scent roses blew into his face
    • 'her beauty is a symptom of her disorder'
      • 'brimmed with the reeling odour of a glowing, velvet, monstrous flower'
      • 'I was only an invention of darkness'
    • 'on moonless nights, her keeper lets her out into the garden'
    • 'all day she stays in her coffin'
      • 'she is not sleeping'
    • 'in her neglige of blood-stained lace'
      • 'he has the special quality of virginity'
        • 'she is not sleeping'
    • 'she sinks her teeth into the neck where an artery throbs with fear.


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