The Bloody Chamber quotations - The Lady of the House of Love

 A mindmap to help remember quotations for the closed book exam of Gothic Elements. I really struggled with this short story but hopefully this will help you.

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White-lace negligee
stained a little with blood
queen of the vampires
Her claws and teeth have
now she is a woman, been sharpened on
she must have men Countess centuries of corpses
her hair fell down like tears
derelict bedroom
whore's mouth In death for the first
time fully human place of annihilation
neglected roof
He is also rational he is an exorcism
The Lady of the rot and fungus
She has waited for him all her life
House of Love
plaster moth-eaten carpet
How can a bicycle He has the herself the
ever be an special quality of hand of
implement of harm? virginity love and cast herself a fate involving love
Next day, his death Superstition
embarked for
Les Amoreaux tarot cards


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