The KKK and the Freedom Rides.

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  • The KKK and the Freedom Rides.
    • The FBI knew about the violence.
    • In Birmingham, a public safety commissioner told the KKK to attack the bus.
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    • 100 members of the KKK ambushed riders in Anniston - started fires.
    • The KKK worked with the police.
      • They co-operated and the police didn't try to stop the violence.
    • An undercover cop lets freedom riders out the bus to prevent them from burning alive.
    • Alabama racists attacked black passengers with clubs and chains.
    • The SNCC tried to join the freedom rides but the buses refused to take them.
      • The KKK harrassed them while they waited.
    • The KKK hassled the riders to prevent them from reaching other protests.
      • Didn't want the desegregation to spread.
    • Kennedy asked the freedom riders to stop for their own safety.


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